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Green Dot

Green Dot | Blue Label | Live Rosin Badder | 1g | - Peach Oblivion

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Experience the finest flower possible in its purest, most essential form. GDL’s single-source, strain-specific Blue Label Live Rosin Badder starts with flavorful, potent cannabis varietals from our extensive genetic library. After being carefully cultivated in our garden, our plants are harvested at peak freshness. Our solventless extracts are extracted with the simple, time-tested purity of ice water and pressure. Our artisanal cold water hash-making techniques produce a vividly flavorful Live Rosin with thousands of live trichome heads in every gram.
Discover the purest expression of cannabis with Green Dot Labs premium extracts and flower. Our award-winning Black Label Flower and Live Resin and Blue Label Live Rosin products are designed for the cannabis connoisseur, delivering vibrant terpenes and potent cannabinoids for an experience you can’t find anywhere else.
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